Can’t remember, who’s who? Here you’ll find a picture and some info of every character seen in the comic. The gallery will be updated as new people show up.

ATTENTION! If you’re just getting started with WY, look out for small spoilers. :3

Main Characters:


  K E R I N E • E N K E R I
  Horoscope: Cancer
  Hair: White
  Eyes: Yellow

Kerine is the only survivor of the fatal disease that tormented the village of Hein. However, in consequence of the sickness he has lost his memory and nearly all of his pigment.

As a person Kerine is reliable and quite silent. He and his mother live in a small cottage near the village.


character place   • ? ? ? •
  Horoscope: ??
  Hair: Dark Blue
  Eyes: Ice Blue

Someone Kerine met on an unknown meadow.


character place   E L Y S I A • E N K E R I
  Horoscope: Leo
  Hair: Dark Blue
  Eyes: Yellow

Elysia is Kerine’s mother. She is a very flighty person and even Kerine can’t always keep up with her stormy emotions. Elysia loves Kerine and her missing husband more than anything else in the world.

She doesn’t work, since she is the sole heiress of the Wittenberg family fortune, or what’s left of it.


character place   J E A N • E N K E R I
  Horoscope: ??
  Hair: White
  Eyes: White

Elysia’s missing husband and Kerine’s father. He had to leave on the day the Doctor announced Kerine had died. After that, there has been no sight of him.


character place   D R • P A U L • K O S O L A
  Horoscope: Virgo
  Hair: Grey
  Eyes: Dark Brown

Kosola is the Hein village doctor. He and his wife run a pharmacy in the village and he usually spends his days making house calls. Everyone just calls him Doctor. He is a stable and calm person.


character place   J U K R A • S E P P Ä N E N
  Horoscope: Pisces
  Hair: Red
  Eyes: Green

Jukra is Kerine’s friend, who lives in Hein. Jukra sees himself as the center of the universe and takes for granted that the world revolves around him, and him alone. His “gang” includes children of the village and, more or less, Kerine.

Although Jukra might sometimes seem mean, he’s really a nice kid, who wouldn’t trade away his friendship with Kerine.


character place   L I L J A • K O S O L A
  Horoscope: Scorpio
  Hair: Dark Brown
  Eyes: Dark Brown

Lilja is the only female member of Jukra’s “gang”. Her mother died of the same disease as most of the villagers, so she and her father now live with her grandparents above the pharmacy.


character place   • K O T I L A I N E N •
  Horoscope: Capricorn
  Hair: Sandy Brown
  Eyes: Blue

If you can say something about the twins, it’s that they’re inseparable. They use the same clothes, eat the same food and one can’t be seen without the other. No-one, except their parents and themselves, actually knows their given names. Surely everyone has once heard them, but for some reason, they don’t seem to stick to people’s minds.

Surprisingly, the shorter twin is the older one, although just by a few minutes. The younger twin doesn’t speak and one can only wonder why. Maybe he’s shy or even completely dumb… On the other hand, his brother does talk for both of them.

Other Characters:

character place   • H E L I •
  Hair: Grey
  Eyes: Green

Heli might be the only one of the villagers (exluding the Doctor) that doesn’t act hostile towards Kerine. She owns the Hein mercantile, where you can buy nearly anything.

Heli is already old, and she isn’t really interested in blaming anyone if the grain rots in the fields. She lets the villagers think what they want without getting involved much.


character place   A N T T I • R A N N A N J Ä R V I
  Hair: Raven Black
  Eyes: Dark Brown

A village peasant. Even though Rannanjärvi might be handsome, he can’t resist turning violent every time he sees Kerine.



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