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Rinku author

Job in this comic: Planning, drawing and coloring!
Age: 15 years
Birthday: August 16th
Homeland: Finland
Horoscope: Leo
Hobbies: Playing the viola, scouts, orchestra, collecting Zelda stuff, reading and collecting comics, drawing, reading, playing Zelda games
Favorite color: Burgundy, at the moment
Idols: Link, Akira Himekawa, Piyoko (Pyocola Analogue III), Hina.
Favorite manga: Zeruda no densetsu: Toki no okarina
Favorite anime: Full Metal Alchemist
MSN: rinku_chan@hotmail.com

I’m a really satisfied and wild person, and it is in fact my main goal to always be cheerful and happy. I would like to be everyone’s friend and I often end up being sad, when it doesn’t work out… I wear dresses and skirts as often as possible. I hate jeans and I’ll do whatever it takes to avoid them, but other types of pants I can live with. I am totally hooked to everything Zelda related and collecting Zelda stuff is actually the most money consuming of all my hobbies. The comic is usually generated in school (a.k.a. during classes… hemhem…) and partly because of that the updates are coming in a bit of a slow pace. I very often relate to different characters, especially my own, and I want to find something good in everyone, in which I often (though not always) succeed. But I’m not telling you my bad sides! Haaa!!!! >,<

About the making comics:






Ginatus translator *for explanations, scroll down ‘til underlined*
Job in this comic: Translating basically every word that will ever appear here.
Age: 17 (one year older than Rinku ;))
Birthday: February 22nd
Homeland: Finland
Horoscope: Pisces
Hobbies: playing the violin & other music related things, reading books and comics, procrastinating, writing (though not as much as I would like), eating, floorball (I suck, but anyways), thinking, amusing myself, explaining/talking…
Favorite color: Green, though yellow’s cool too
Idols: Shikamaru Nara, Johnny Depp and Mahatma Gandhi, in no special order. Plus people, who actually are capable of making choices.
Favorite manga: Because I solely rely on my local library when it comes to comics, I have read only a small percentage of the manga published here in Finland – and that number isn’t really wowing, either (about thirty, including the ones yet to be published). So… Inuyasha, maybe ^^’?
Favorite anime: Tonari no Totoro (my childhood friend) and Naruto (my current enjoyment), though I’m really undereducated in this area, too. But I don’t really care <3.

In a sentence, I’m a Finnish school girl, who among other things likes learning languages (currently studying four, in addition to Finnish) and wearing T-shirts all year long, almost completely lacks time management & social skills and has developed a habit of writing overly long sentences, simply to amuse herself. I’m also very talented in talking about myself, so I think I’m going to stop before this profile embarrasses me by being longer than Rinku’s >)…

About the translation:

If someone hasn’t had the chance / the energy to read one of my explanatory “translator in distress” –marathon comments yet, I’ll sum it up for you: English is not my first language + I’m not a professional translator + all of my dictionaries are quite old = the translation is probably not even close to perfect nor does it convey Rinku’s individual use of language as well as a “real one” would. But at the moment this is the best I can do, so try to bare with me, ok ^^’? Of course, if you have any suggestions or comments about it, you can always PM me or leave a comment here, so I can try to improve. Though I can’t guarantee you that the previous pages will change, because apparently it’s an absolute pain to modify a picture file just to exchange one word…

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Ehm, but in case you DID like it and are having some translating issues yourself, feel free to PM me. I’m quite fluent in English, German and Finnish and know the basics of French and Swedish, but I could also just spell- and grammar check your own translation if it’s somehow understandable… I’m almost always ready for new challenges if I just can fit it into my schedule ;).
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Yes, I guess I did end up embarrassing myself. x).






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